Earth Day 2011 (Earth Day Everyday)

Bee Green Travel Mug

Today is Earth Day and that means that we all should at least try to take care of our planet for 1 day. But of course it should not stop with just the one day. Taking care of our environment is something that doesn’t have to be hard and is easy to do everyday.

Let me first talk about somethings I do / did that help our planet everyday.

  • Turn off the light when you are not in the room
  • Use energy saving light bulbs (LED is best right now)
  • Unplug unused power eating devices like charges without something connected to it.
  • Recycle
  • Stop unwanted mail like flyers and catalogs
  • use reusable bottles instead of plastic bottles (also better for your health)
  • use reusable shopping bags
  • walk more instead of using your car.

I guess you get the picture. You know what is a great advantage of saving our planet with those kind of things as I just described? It saves you money. Driving less means less fuel and wear of the car. Turning off the lights means less electricity used so a lower bill. And you can go on like that.

There are loads of obvious things that you should think off and will save your wallet and the earth. Let me list some.

  • Don’t run an half empty dish washer
  • fill your laundry machine instead of half empty
  • Walking save you on exercises classes and car use

Then there are things not so obvious that save our Earth and your health.

Did you know that our tab water is most times cleaner then bottled water? So by using a reusable bottle your save your health and you have less waste. And if you don’t use a plastic bottle that will also keep a lot of bad toxins out off your body.

One that the ladies will not believe now 🙂 Stop using shampoo. Are you aware of how much chemicals you put on your head every time you wash your hair? And not only are you slowly poisoning yourself you also wash it down the drain and eventually making those chemicals ending up in our water witch then needs more cleaning (more chemicals) to be able to be used by us.

I think you get my message and maybe a simple thing we should all do if we didn’t do yet. Star using a reusable coffee mug. Here in Canada most coffee places give you a discount if you use a reusable cup and you get that everyday. And today Starbucks in Canada gives you free coffee or tea if you use a reusable mug. (if you like the on in the picture above just click on it and get one)

And if you really want to know what else you can do check out where i wrote 100 tips to help our planet and much more.

Enjoy Earth Day,

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