Easter And Then

Happy Easter

Happy Easter all of you.

Today is one of those days that have a double feeling for me. OK I didn’t tell you that besides running all kinds of blogs and websites I also work for a greeting card company (who doesn’t allow me to write witch one).

As you can imagine tomorrow is the day that all the seasonal cards are gone change. Easter cards come down and Mothers day and Graduation go up. Nothing wrong with that you think. But for me this is the worst part of my job. Why you wonder?

Let me tell you what happens to the old cards. They end up in the GARBAGE! in the most positive way they will be send to a recycling centre on the other side of the country. But in a lot of stores I need to dispose of them myself and I am NOT allowed to put them in the paper recycling. They need to be thrown out in real dirty garbage (preferably wet) so that nobody could steal them.

I would because of this ask anybody who reads this to just stop buying greeting cards.
Just send ecards or make something yourself. Just think that for every 5 cards you buy 1 ends up in the trash (and yours end up there to eventually).

Photo credit: Simon Howden / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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