Let It Snow

I like snow any day any time

I like snow and that means even now in April.

Summers are fun and all but heath is a much bigger burden then snow. Snow is fun, you can play in it (yes even at my age) you can clean it (free workout). And you have to admit that driving or walking through a snowy landscape is the best there is.

Complaining about the weather is no use because we can’t change it any ways so you might just as well enjoy it. I really hope that our Calgary winter is not over yet but I guess that I will have accept the fact that snow will get less and less.

And I have to say spring is loads of fun to when all those fresh leaves and flowers start to pop up. But on that note I didn’t see to much happening yet so that could mean that I will have more snow coming.

The only downside of the weather right now is that I want to get back to running after more then a year of not running (leg problems) but I want to start with less risk of hurting myself. And yes I know I could run in the snow and ice and normally no problem but starting I would prefer to do on a clean surface.

What are your thoughts about snow this time of year?

Photo credit: vichie81 / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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