Full Circle

GHPsite.com goes full circle

Once a long very long time ago GHPsite.com was started as my own personal blog.

And today is the day that we get back to that idea.

As far as I can find GHPsite got registered in 2000 but I personally think it is older.

First it was my blog and those days people didn’t read blogs so nobody read it. Then it became a photography / business blog. And now as I am not making a living with photography any more that site died to. Then it became a place where I just posted photo’s I liked and that site never got any updates for 1.5 years.

And then I got an itch that I wanted to have a place to blog. Not like my other sites that I use as part of my lively hood but just for fun and what ever I like to talk about.

So from today on GHPsite is back.

The plan is to post everyday and I will do my best to get posts online. And if I have a day that I miss just check out my other sites as there will always be something new on one of them 🙂

Relax and sit back and enjoy the ride,


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